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Trucking Industry Safety

The average cost involving a commercial truck crash is $3.5 million… and many of these crashes can be linked to sleep apnea. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is well aware of this and has put sleep apnea as the main topic of discussion when it comes to trucking industry safety as they look forward to new regulations for commercial drivers. The National Transportation Safety Board has been fighting fatigue and sleep apnea since it was formed nearly twenty years ago. And with just over a thousand deaths each year, and the damage ranging in the billions, trucking industry safety has become a hot topic of discussion for the FMCSA and everyone else involved.

It has been highly documented that sleep apnea fatigue has similar effects of a driver who has 0.7 blood alcohol level. This is why when it comes to trucking industry safety regulations, sleep apnea is a huge concern. There has been a lot of talk about strict regulations, and it is sure to come, but at the time it is left up to the drivers to regulate what they do when on the road. But the facts are already out there, so it is time you take control of your fate. Trucking industry safety starts with you, so don’t wait on a board to tell you how to live a healthy lifestyle, do it for yourself.

Aeroflow Healthcare has developed an in-home test that will allow us to properly diagnose and treat you for sleep apnea. This in-expensive device can be used from the comfort of your own home and is the first line of defense when it comes to trucking industry safety. With the help of this in-home test you can start enjoying life again. No more fatigue, restless nights or battles with memory loss. Add that to an easier time staying awake on the job and you will immediately feel like you’re in-control once again. Take trucking industry safety into your own hands and contact Aeroflow Healthcare today to find out how we can help.