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Trucking and Sleep Apnea

Trucking and Sleep Apnea are hot topics in the transportation industry; there is much buzz about the recommendations concerning trucking and sleep apnea set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  Many DOT and Occupational Physicians as well as trucking companies have taken the recommendations seriously and have implemented screening policies.  If you as a truck driver suffer from any of the following symptoms or risk indicators associated with Sleep Apnea, Aeroflow Industrial Clinics can help.  Trucking and sleep apnea are a dangerous combination and we can help! 

Symptoms and Risk Indicators of Sleep Apnea

·         Loud Snoring

·         Morning Headaches and Nausea

·         High Blood Pressure

·         Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

·         Neck Size > 17 inches

·         Being Overweight

·         Tobacco and Alcohol Use

·         Family History of Sleep Apnea

·         Witnessed Apneas (pauses in breath while sleeping)

Do not wait on regulations or your next DOT physical to be screened; trucking and Sleep Apnea must be addressed.  Aeroflow Industrial Clinics can help.  If you are in the trucking industry and want to learn more about Sleep Apnea and how it affects you, call Aeroflow Industrial Clinics or complete the FREE Wellness Survey and Sleep Apnea Screening located on our web-site to learn your sleep score.  Sleep Apnea is a serious safety concern in the trucking industry; let the experts at Aeroflow walk you through the process.