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Truck Driver Sleep Apnea

It’s imperative that someone experiencing truck driver sleep apnea, needs to be evaluated by a medical professional in order to be properly diagnosed and receive the treatment they need. Treatment requires an individualized program that focuses on the needs of the person experiencing this disorder.

Those with truck driver sleep apnea need a complete medical history, physical examination and specific testing done performed. The condition usually will not respond well to drug therapy. Mild cases of the disorder respond well to changes as simple as sleep position. Losing weight is recommended for obese individuals. Sleep apnea episodes can sometimes be reduced by using a special device that keeps an individual on their side during sleep. Treatment protocol requires commitment and determination by both the doctor and the patient.

For more serious cases of truck driver sleep apnea, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is usually recommended and has been found to be quite beneficial. It is the most widely used and effective treatment method in use today. The patient sleeps with a mask while continuous air is forced through the nasal passages into the airways. This prevents the throat from collapsing during sleep. Some side effects that might be experienced are nasal irritation, abdominal bloating and headaches. Doctors sometimes prescribe dental appliances for the patient to wear in an effort to control sleep apnea.