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Sleep Tests for Commercial Drivers

Our sleep tests for commercial drivers our important as sleep apnea causes lower reaction time, daytime drowsiness and fatigue for drivers, which means you can become a danger to others as well as yourself if not properly treated. The results of the study revealed that 17.6 percent of CDL holders had mild sleep apnea, 5.8 percent had moderate sleep apnea, and 4.7 percent had severe sleep apnea. (U.S. Department of Transportation). So even if you haven’t been to a physician, you may recognize the signs of sleep apnea which include snoring, morning or late night headaches, problems with memory, problems breathing while sleeping or restlessness while sleeping. If these symptoms apply to you, then it’s time you took the sleep tests for commercial drivers.

Call us today or fill out a request form online and one of our representatives will contact you to conduct a brief survey and gather the necessary information to ship you one of our in-home sleep tests for commercial drivers. The in-home sleep study is an excellent choice for commercial drivers because it can be taken when and where you want without having to take time off the road for an in-lab test. Here’s how it works: Aeroflow Healthcare schedules one of our sleep tests for commercial drivers to be shipped to your location, you take the test overnight and ship back the following day in the postage prepaid package. It’s that quick, it’s that easy.

Our Board Certified Sleep Physicians will review your study and make treatment recommendations. To get additional information on sleep tests for commercial drivers call Aeroflow at 1-866-650-7508.