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Sleep Disorder Program

The FMSCA has yet to formally adopt the recommendations concerning sleep apnea, however, the recommendations are known and more and more physicians are screening for sleep apnea. Let Aeroflow Healthcare help you design a Sleep Disorder Screening and Testing Program that will keep your drivers on the road. Trucking industry safety is a topic that gets a lot of attention and at least 15% of all truck crashes involve fatigue. With the ease of our sleep disorder program you won’t have to be just another statistic as our sleep disorder program help diagnose and treat your drivers so that when they stay on the road they stay safe.

With our sleep disorder program we can help you become more effecting in your day-to-day living as you overcome excessive somnolence, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, Parasomnias or sleep apnea. These are all treatable sleeping disorders that can be cured with the proper sleeping disorder program. Let our experienced team of experts help your sleep disorder be a thing of the past as we properly diagnose and help you recover from your sleepless nights.

Aeroflow Healthcare will tailor our sleep disorder program to fit the testing needs of your company. We have a full range of sleep disorder programs from a proactive screening approach for all drivers to a testing program that works with drivers who have been identified through their DOT physical as needing a sleep test. Aeroflow will help you drivers navigate the sleep apnea disorder program through a testing, treatment and compliance process through our turn-key solution. Our 24 hour clinical support ensures each driver has the support they need to reach compliance status on treatment.

Millions are affected each night from an array of sleeping disorders, but the good thing is you don’t have to be one of them. Put our knowledgeable staff to work for you and take advantage of our sleep disorder program today. It’s the dream come true you’ve been waiting for.