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Sleep Apnea and Workplace Productivity

Sleep apnea and workplace productivity go hand in hand in that they counteract one another.  A person with sleep apnea is going to have no energy to put forth not only in their day to day lives but energy to exert towards the workplace and make for a productive employee. Sleep apnea deteriorates the body by over working the heart, and not allowing the brain to recharge itself overnight; it’s rare to find a person with sleep apnea and workplace productivity as well, it’s not to say the person themselves is lazy or complacent when it comes to the workplace, but their body physically and mentally can not keep up with the daily grind that which is necessary to maintain a job and be productive. Sleep apnea and workplace productivity cab be combated with the implementation of a sleep program.  Aeroflow Industrial Clinics offers screening, testing, treatment and compliance management for sleep disorders.  According to a 2008 National Sleep Foundation poll, almost a third of American employees report that daytime sleepiness interferes with their daily activities at least a few days each month with 13% of workers admitting to napping during work. With a proper sleep program in place; Aeroflow Industrial Clinics can help workers become more productive, thus saving the company in lost productivity and healthcare costs.