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A program the Trucking Industry can live with


Aeroflow Industrial implements a program the trucking industry can live with

Unlike most sleep programs that require you to check into a traditional hospital or Sleep Laboratory overnight for a full polysomnography Study (PSG). This program can help the patient get accurately tested with a small portable device while sleeping in your natural sleeping location. This preferred logistic approach saves time and money, getting the patient tested, treated, and back on the job, or just the relief of the symptoms in less time. Among those who have experienced both methods, portable testing is the clear choice.

PSG testing is still offered for all patients who present with potentially complex sleep issues. However, portable testing is rapidly growing in use and stature as an equally accurate method of diagnosing sleep apnea for groups who have been pre-screened and are known to be at risk for sleep apnea. If you were having car trouble, why would you spend the time and money to replace the engine? Especially if you could do a quick, inexpensive diagnostic test that will probably tell you that you just need a tune up?