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Sleep Survey

Company Name

Current Size of Fleet (Drivers)

What is your current opinion regarding the need for testing drivers for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders?

If regulations are passed, how do you predict the issues related to testing and treating of sleep disorders will impact your operations?

Do you feel that sleep apnea and sleep disorders are a legitimate concern in terms of health and safety for truck drivers?

Have your or your company come across any issues related to sleep apnea? (Click all that apply)

Yes, Drives have been flagged for study by physician
Yes, Drivers have been involved in accidents
Yes, Drivers have been pulled out of truck
No, we've had no issues

If the FMCSA passes regulations that require any driver with BMI of 35 or greater to complete a diagnostic sleep test, what percentage of your driver fleet would fall into this category?

Have you or your company begun to explore options in relation to being able to provide drivers with a sleep management service?

Please provide any additional questions/comments you have regarding sleep disorder testing and treatment.