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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Sleep Apnea Information

The FMCSA is directing a great deal of attention to the topic of Sleep Apnea, including a “Spotlight on Sleep Apnea” section on the FMCSA web-site.  Regulations concerning FMCSA Sleep Apnea are being considered and many occupational physicians and trucking companies are already following the recommendations set forth and addressing the serious safety concerns associated with untreated Sleep Apnea.  Sleep Apnea is a breathing related sleep disorder caused by the narrowing or closure of the upper airway during sleep resulting in fragmented and poor quality sleep.  Some signs of Sleep Apnea include excessive daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, morning headaches and difficulty concentrating.  As a commercial truck driver, safety is a top concern and when a driver is not well rested, it is difficult to operate in a safe, efficient and effective manner.  Why wait for the FMCSA Sleep Apnea ruling to address the issues concerning Sleep Apnea?  The industry is already aware of this serious safety concern and there are solutions available for tucking companies and drivers wishing to address the issue of FMCSA Sleep Apnea recommendations.  Aeroflow Industrial Clinics has developed a program to screen, test, treat and managed compliance for Sleep Apnea in an economical and time efficient manner.  Call Aeroflow Industrial Clinics today and discuss the many sleep program options available to fleets and individual drivers.