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Fleet Vehicle Safety

In the trucking industry, fleet vehicle safety is top priority and the number one concern is driver sleep apnea. A driver experiencing un-treated Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is as much as 7 times more likely than non-suffers to be involved in a motor vehicle crash. Sleep programs can be implemented to improve driver health and increase fleet vehicle safety.

In this age of technology, a company can take advantage of many solutions to protect drivers, customers and the companies bottom-line. GPS, parking aids, navigation, Bluetooth and back-up cameras are the fastest electronics needs in the trucking industry today. The cost ratio of whether the expense of a product will justify reducing risk, liability and expenses is another important factor when considering an electronic solution to maintain fleet vehicle safety.

The electronic products versus the older 'non- electronic products' have changed the way businesses manage a fleet. GPS and Navigation allows the driver and company to manage the route and become more efficient and profitable.

A high percentage of accidents involve backing-up. The blind zone of a vehicle can vary. Back-up cameras are a visual solution to assist the driver but are only effective when the driver is looking at the monitor. The best of both worlds is a system that combines the rear camera with rear sensors so you can have both visual and audio notification.